Conflict resolution and self-defence training with Street Defence is designed to give staff the tools to deal with any conflict situation that may arise. Street Defence Conflict Resolution Training has been taught to an array of people including security personnel, police officers and mental health nurses (St Martin of Tours).





1. Define the common causes of conflict 

2. Describe the 2 forms of communication 

3. Provide examples of how communication can breakdown

4. Explain how communication models can assist in conflict resolution

5. Describe patterns of behaviour that may be encountered during interaction

6. Give examples of impact factors

7. Provide examples of warning and danger signs 

8. Describe the use of a reactionary gap when dealing with conflict

9. Describe reasonable and proportionate force applicable to conflict resolution

10. Describe different methods for dealing with possible situations of conflict. Physical force is only used as a last resort.

To find out more information or to arrange for some conflict resolution training, please call Colin Lee Berry on 07919350290 or email