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Street Defence Instructor section

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The Street Defence Instructor section will continually be updated and include all of the materials you will need to help make your business successful:

  • Letter Templates - download and fill in the blanks. This is designed to save you time. Build a database/spreadsheet on excel of all the contacts in different areas - schools, corporates, community project contacts (council)

  • Logo copy - This can be used on all marketing materials to give your business the credibility needed to move your business forward

  • Teaching plans. These plans can be used as a guide rather than something to stick to completely. Although the 10 week teaching plans attached are plans that have been used in schools.

  • FREE eBooks. This will allow you to offer people something for FREE on your social media in order to help build up your contact list. More FREE eBooks will be added in order to develop a large contact database.

  • Social Media pictures. All the pictures added are for social media marketing. These can be adapted to use on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Instructor Forum (COMING SOON)

  • Equipment shop (COMING SOON)

If you need any more information or if you have any questions, please contact Colin Lee Berry (Street Defence Director) on 07919350290 or via email